Harsh Bhikadia

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Work Experience

Co-Founder, Android Developer

Wildfire Technology, India

Implemented Material Design standards; increasing the overall user engagement. Performance optimization - reducing screen over draw and code optimization which resulted in reduced lag; network optimization for 2G by redesigning APIs; Resolved crashes and exceptions (crash counts decreased by 60% for next update). A/B testing and data analysis; improved user productivity significantly; Parse integration;


FreeDo, India

Built a fully fledged cloud based android application which provides an incentive channel for marketers and publishers to increase user engagements. Designed and implemented the web service required.

Co-Founder, Tech Lead

Phono, India

Backend Application — Designed and implemented a scalable sync based system using Google App Engine and Google Datastore. Implemented 'retargeting' feature using user data collected from the mobile application. Implemented cron jobs and task queue mechanism for periodic calculation of payments.

Android Application — Built full fledge and feature ready android application for Phono. Offline support implemented using pre-fetching ad assets and validating impression when user is connected. Hyper local ads support implemented using Google Play Services API. Integrated tools like GCM and Google Analytics. Testing the android app against various android OS versions and devices.


BTech in Information Technology

NMIMS University
Shirpur, India

CGPA: 3.50/4.00
Coursework: Operating System, Software Engineering; Database; Data Structure; Algorithms; Advance Computer Networks;

Programming Skills

Languages & Technology

Python; JavaScript; Java

Django; Django REST Framework; Google App Engine(Python SDK); Google Datastore; nodeJS

Polymer; HTML5 Canvas 2D; HTML5 WebSocket; SOCKET.IO; AngularJS; Android Development

AndroidStudio; PyCharm; Aurdino; SublimeText; Linux(Ubuntu); Windows


Student Volunteer

Project Ehsaas, MPSTME, India


Music, Movies.